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Welcome to my Masterlist

And here it is, at long last, my masterlist. Arranged alphabetically, all of them say whether they're complete or not.

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See also my ficbits tag for various other fic snippets. Most ficbits can be found in the comments, some have actual posts. Similarly, my friends can also read my original fiction.

fic: Child of the Desert

Child of the Desert
An abandoned Hylian child is adopted by the Gerudo.

I guess this came out of recent speculation about the new Link design for Zelda Wii U. Also I like sibling stories, especially ones that end terribly for everyone involved so here we go.


for raphi

Raphi asked me: 1. what helps you write?

well, I prefer writing to background noise - music or a wildlife documentary, usually.

I think talking to people about fic ideas is also really helpful to me. Lua could probably tell you how much I chatted to her when I was writing from pain, awakening and lately I've been talking to Drift when I'm writing Metal Gear Solid stuff. I like bouncing ideas off of people, or just talking around a scene I'm writing.

For inspiration more and more I'm relying on things people have asked to see from me - every so often I get lucky and an idea pops into my head, but that seems to be happening less these days and I can't say I'm very happy about it.

2. do you have a favorite poet or poem? (lyrics are ok too)

okay this is going to sound weird but my absolute favourite poem of all time is Mr Blob by E V Rieu. I have a children's book of poetry and it's illustrated and fuck that poem makes me cry every time. It's kinda silly but it just. I can't even describe it.

3. what kinds of characters would you like to see more of?

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for Emma

Emma asked me: What types of things do you prefer to write for original fiction, and do you think those are in any way different from what you like to do for fanfic?

I like to think that I write similar things with both original fiction and fanfic, but I guess that's not entirely true. I think I write my most experimental and telling things when I do original fiction - I'd never have done stardust in his skin with fanfic, and Just Like Puppets is something I still consider very raw.

I think I prefer to write fantasy over anything else when it comes to original fic, and I tend to lose the focus I usually have on romantic relationships. In fanfic, I almost always write ship fic, but I guess I'm kind of... wary? At least when it comes to my own characters. Nothing original I've written recently has been focused on romantic relationships. I guess the closest would be stardust in his skin but I don't really consider that a romantic thing, unlike some of my recent fanfic. I also think that most of my original fic tends to edge more towards introspection. It's less focused on the details, but then again I've never been a very detail oriented writer (detail is here being "describe every movement of every character and also the setting they're in in hi-def").

For fanfic I really like writing pairing fic. That attitude tends to get a lot of "ugh shippers" these days, but like fuck off, if I want to write pairing fic I'm gonna write pairing fic. It's weird - I've plotted romantic relationships amongst my OCs. I know how they act around each other and what they like and dislike and yet when it gets down to it I'm like "you're boring" and then I write terrible things about mermen.

i'm bored so here's a meme from raphi

The idea: leave me comments with things you want me to post about. I'll put them into roughly first-come first-served order. If you want to ask more than one, feel free, but second and third questions will get slotted in behind all the firsts if that makes sense (i.e. person 1 asks 2 things, person 2 asks three, and person 3 asks one - I will take one from each, then go through the list again, repeat.)

end of year fic meme



from pain, awakening

aka the Naesala fic I've been writing since time began
aka the Naesala/Tibarn/Pelleas fic I started writing as a joke but then it turned into my giant Naesala is a wreck fic
aka the Naesala/Pelleas fic where everything is terrible for ages and then they bone


"You run away again. Always you run,” she murmurs.

Naesala smiles tightly. “You know me, Leanne. The eternal coward.”

(A story of forgiveness)

prompt post

I'm taking writing prompts!

Give me a ship/character/fandom and I'll write you a
  • genderbend
  • space pirate au
  • sky pirate au
  • sci-fi au
  • fusion w/ another fandom (you can specify which one)
  • bad end au
Tell me which one you want if you have a specific desire, or I'll pick whichever one speaks to me. I'll try and get fills up to 500+ words, but I make no promises.

(You may also prompt me using my original characters)

my trope bingo card

I've entered trope bingo again. I think I have a harder card this time.

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Jun. 30th, 2013

If you notice that I've removed you from my friends then that's nothing to do with you personally, but I'm planning to move to DW in the new year so I'm just cutting back things. If you have a DW I'm rethira there too, although for the record, I'm not exactly active there either, it's just easier since most people are based there now.

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